Features and their GUID’s in SP2010/SP2013

+————————————-+———————————————————————–+————————————–+—————-+ | DisplayName | Title | ID | Scope | +————————————-+———————————————————————–+————————————–+—————-+ | AccSrvApplication | $Resources:AccsrvWss | 1cc4b32c-299b-41aa-9770-67715ea05f25 | Farm | +————————————-+———————————————————————–+————————————–+—————-+ | AccSrvMSysAso | Access Services System Objects | 29ea7495-fca1-4dc6-8ac1-500c247a036e | Web | +————————————-+———————————————————————–+————————————–+—————-+ | AccSrvRestrictedList | Access Services Restricted… Continue Reading

SharePoint 2013 Setup Error – The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role OR Appfabric is not correctly configured

While installing SharePoint 2013 on a Windows Server 2012 I’ve encountered 2 problems reported by the prerequisite installer: – The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role – Appfabric is not correctly configured The solution… Continue Reading

Password encryption for Ubuntu shadow

This is the manual way to change the Ubuntu password directly in the shadow file. In my shadow file, my password look something like: manuel:$6$KdE/UHqBIiVg$/fVGwMTREK7fnoR2PdNCmkJ6QHkp8R/RMkpdpY4cE0Ghfqxx7cuIatBHr98C0zPsvSIi8NWr7miuTca1d9Vc6/:14576:0:99999:7::: The password encrypted here is “asd”. The encryption is “$6$KdE/UHqBIiVg$/fVGwMTREK7fnoR2PdNCmkJ6QHkp8R/RMkpdpY4cE0Ghfqxx7cuIatBHr98C0zPsvSIi8NWr7miuTca1d9Vc6/”. You can divide this string… Continue Reading

Sharepoint 2010 / Sharepoint 2013 Membership “The method or operation is not implemented” Error

Issue: Calling the GetUser method of the static membership provider triggers NotImplementedException. Solution: MembershipProvider _provider = Membership.Providers[“SQL-MembershipProvider”]; MembershipUser user = _provider.GetUser(“your user name”); Where [“SQL-MembershipProvider”] is the provider name in web config file. The errors appear because the default membership… Continue Reading

Sharepoint Page is not saving – Disabling WebPart form Validators in Edit Mode

using System.Web.UI.WebControls; //if we are not in display mode disable all the validation controls to make sure saving the page the webpart is on works. if (WebPartManager.DisplayMode != WebPartManager.BrowseDisplayMode) { foreach (var validator in Controls) { if (validator is BaseValidator)… Continue Reading